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People talk about “going green” and their desire to save the planet, but most, aside from recycling some cans and bottles, don’t know where to start or how to go about it.

Thoughts of changing to renewable energy systems are usually discarded due to the time, labor and expense involved. However, there IS a way to provide your home with as little or as much solar energy as you need.

Earth4Energy is a digital course to teach you how to generate homemade renewable energy created by Michael Harvey. When it comes to homespun renewable energy plans, Earth 4 Energy is one of the most backed renewable energy guides in the industry and have been around for some time.

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This guide is written by Michael Harvey, a renowned expert in DIY and renewable energy field. Each step that is included in the report is backed by years of training and experience.

I had heard beforehand that it was possible to reduce energy bills by more than 80% worth hundreds of dollars each month. Well, I’m all for saving money and so decided to see for myself.

What can you expect from Earth4Energy?

Earth 4 Energy is suitable for those who want to take advantage of the latest methods of renewable energy to save a lot on energy bills. Michael even claims that you can make money by selling energy to the companies.

As with any DIY manual, Earth 4 Energy requires you to put in some effort in building new energy systems and renewal system, but the return of investment is incredible; after all you will not have to spend more than USD$ 200 to build a system. That amount includes the construction of wind turbine or solar panels too.

how does earth4energy work

The Course Features:

Manual PDF Guide – The written manual is well-written and it goes into details of different components of the solar cell systems with component diagrams, each of which is placed above each paragraph of the descriptions.

Solar Panel Instructions – it starts off with explaining what solar panel is and what each component does. The author goes into deep details about how the photovoltaic system works.

Firstly the author shows you how to build a simple system consisting of a solar panel, a charge controller to control the rate of battery charging, a deep cycle battery, and a power inverter.

Then it goes into details about how to make a more complex larger-scale one. A word of caution is that the instructions are not aiming for you to build a really large scale system that can supply massive energy for a big house with all kinds of appliances. Rather, if you plan on building your own DIY energy for camping, this course is definitely for you.

Demonstration Video Series

what is earth 4 energy

The videos put all the pieces of the puzzle together; it is a great bonus and are really great to making the whole thing come together. This is what really makes Earth 4 Energy stand out from other guides; it is easy to understand even for beginners so they can get started immediately.

Electric Wiring Plans

  • This is what comes in handy when it comes to building your own solar project; the wiring plans are the difficult part, not the panel building part. This extra guide surely covers the tiny bits of the mistakes most people make in their attempt to make their own solar project.

Solar Calculator

  • When you make the primary planning for the solar project you need to know how many panels you need . There are certain confusing mathematical equations that one has to do, which can be avoided totally using the provided solar calculator in this course. This stuff alone takes away a lot of frustration.



Earth4Energy can be a bit technical at times, but even if you do not understand all the words and the guidelines does not really make a difference. Here’s why.

Since there are incredible step by step video tutorials so you can see exactly what they are expected to do, besides the well-established analysis step directives. You certainly can not go wrong, unless you are definitely paying no attention to the task.

There are directions that allow you to build your own wind turbine and solar panels themselves. You can decide between the two or, better yet, the construction of both in order to obtain lower-cost energy that this technique boasts.

The Pros And Cons Of The Earth 4 Energy Course

The Pros

  • Save thousands of dollars over the course of one year, to the point where energy bills are well below $200 per year.
  • The illustrations and videos in the Earth4Energy course are great so you can not go wrong with security in the current method of building your panels.
  • The instruction is very clear and incredibly easy to follow.
  • There is a 24-hour support access, should you encounter a problem and instant access to the guide, so you can start saving straightaway.

The Cons

  • It is not aiming to allow you to build a large-scale solar system that you might dream of. That will take years of education and a lot of practice as well as resources.
  • Some technical terms can be frustrating for someone who’s new to all this stuff like myself. But all this becomes easier the second time around that I go through the text and watch the videos. (The instance of this is, my turbine was unstable for a while, as a result of not understanding it completely the first time, but I finally managed to solve by the revaluation of my steps.)

Is Earth4Energy Worth Getting?

My answer is yes beyond doubt. I can honestly put in a good word for the Earth 4 Energy course, as it is simply one comprehensive guide for building DIY home-use energy.

There are all-inclusive of information and ongoing maintenance tips so you won’t be needing to buy other books or courses on this. Earth4Energy course is definitely worth your investment, for and in our environment’s future.

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Posted on: July 1, 2013 By Johnny Thompson
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